How many people are in move on up?

Move On Up has a core group of 5 musicians, Bass, Guitar, Drums, Keys and Vocals.
For bigger events and venues we add horns and an additional vocalist.
For intimate venues either a quartet or duo format is used.

Do you play outside of Sydney?

Generally speaking we play as far north as Newcastle, as far south as Wollongong and as far west as the Blue Mountains.
Any further than that incurs an extra fee and national and international travel is priced accordingly.

Do you provide your own P.A System?


Can a client request a particular song for an event?

Yes, anything that fits within the instrumentation and style of the band.

Weddings,Functions,Partys,A Band For Any Occasion

How long do you play for at a performance?

The band is very flexible and will fit in to most time requirements.
A normal call time for the band is three to four hours.
This means that we play 3-4 forty minute sets of music.
In the context of a wedding that usually consists of 1-2 dinner sets and 2 sets of dance music.

Can we use the band’s microphone for speeches?

Yes, keep in mind that it is not always a radio microphone that we use, so it can only go as far as the lead will take it!

Can we meet with Nathan before the event to discuss any details?

Yes, Nathan is happy to meet with clients to discuss details of an event.